Wagyu Beef

The Cattle Market For 2023 & American Wagyu for 2023 & 2024

2023 United States People to Cattle Ratio

In 1996 the US Population was———————————————265,283,783.

The US Cattle Population was 104,000,000 or 1 cow per—–2.55 people.

On 8-25-2023 the US Population was————————————340,259,825.

The US Cattle Population is 92,000,000 or 1 cow per- ——-3.698 people.

These figures reveal a 31 percent reduction in the number of cattle to people ratio in America over the last 27 years. The above factors, combined with the increased beef consumption per Person in America to 58 lbs yearly should keep Beef in strong demand well into the future.

The following Reasons are why we decided to go 0ne Step Further and Produce a Super Healthy American Wagyu Beef.

#1. Over 70% of Americans are more Health Conscious since the COVID 19 Pandemic.}

#2. Genetically Correct Texas Longhorn Beef was the Healthiest of all the Meats tested by Texas A&M in 1987.

#3. Wagyu Beef is extremely rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and contains all of the essential amino acids, including omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Essential fatty acids such as these are believed to lower risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer,s and other conditions.

#4 Wagyu Beefs Unmatched Quality and Flavor.

#5 American Wagyu Beef is a Better Choice for the American Big Steak Lovers and Health Conscious people according to the Robb Report. #6 Wagyu Beef & American Wagyu Beef is the most advertised beef on the internet which will have more people wanting to try this unique Beef and will be looking for the paces where they can get it.

#7 El trigal Farm has some of the very best Genetically Correct Texas Longhorn cattle in America today. Look on our Website & you can see we owned WR 762, the best Cow from the Wichita Wildlife Refuge, where the United States Government Established this herd in the 1930s, to save the Texas Longhorn cattle from Extinction. We have also owned the Son and a daughter on the largest horned and best producing US Branded Cow, US 021, from the US herd in Valentine Nebraska. We have 72 American Wagyu Yearlings 22 of them weigh between 500 and 580 pounds, of which some are in the photograph on the following page.

#8 Wagyu Beef, American Wagyu Beef, & El trigal Super American Wagyu Beef will be in strong demand for a long time for the following reasons. a. There are approximately 5,000 Full Blood Wagyu Cattle in the United States, or one Full Blood Wagyu for every———————————68,051 people.

b. America has approximately 55,000 Wagyu, American Wagyu, & Wagyu influenced influenced Cattle or one for every—————————–6,186 people.

If all of Americas Wagyu Bulls, Wagyu Cows, Wagyu Calves, & American Wagyu Cattle averaged 390 pounds of processed beef each it would be 21,450,000 lbs. This would enough Wagyu beef to give every American 0.066 of a pound of Wagyu Beef each to a Nation of people who average eating 58 pounds of beef each.

c. CTLR Registered Genetically Correct Texas Longhorn Cattle, according to its President, James Farr, number just under —————————1,000 head. The Genetically Correct Texas Longhorn Cattle in Government herds and the few in Private Herds might add an additional 2000 head. This places the combined number of Genetically Correct Texas Longhorn Cattle to around 3,000 head or less. These 3,000 Genetically Correct Texas Longhorn Cattle equal 1 to every——————————————————————113,419 US Citizen. If these Genetically Correct Bulls, Cows, & Calves averaged 350 lbs. of Beef each this would be 1,050,000 lbs. of beef or .003 lb. Of beef each which would not fill a table spoon.

d. This places Genetically Correct Texas Longhorn Cattle much rarer than Wagyu Cattle or American Wagyu Cattle in America and World Wide. {You can view our El trigal Cattle on our website, Healthbeef.com }

e. The popularity and purchasing of Wagyu Beef and American Wagyu Beef is not a Fad that is going to disappear.

f. It is a Direct Response to its World Class Quality, Unique Taste, Melt in Your Mouth Tenderness, and the Healthy Fatty Acids in their meat which will be embraced by the Health Conscience People who love beef.

g. Wagyu are the only cattle in the World that store most of their Fat within their muscle tissues, setting them apart from all other cattle in the World. Genetically Correct Texas Longhorn Beef was the Healthiest Meat in the 1987 Test conducted by Texas A&M University which sets It apart from all other Beef in America, with the exception of Florida Cracker Cattle’s Beef, which has identical DNA Markers. h. Bubba Sullivan, a friend of mine, who raises CTLR Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle in Texas, has been producing Texas Longhorn X Wagyu cattle for several years. Bubba told me everyone who had eaten one of his Wagyu 50/50 Texas Longhorn crossed steaks, without knowing what it was, said it was the best steak they had ever eaten.

i. According to Bubba Sullivan, his Friends, & the Robb Report American Wagyu Beef is a Perfect Combination for Big Steak Lovers.

j. American Wagyu circled in white- Full Blood Wagyu bottom 2 pieces.

k. We will breed some of our El trigal American Wagyu Heifers to Full Blood Wagyu Bulls this year to create ¾ Wagyu beef for the people who want heavier marveled beef, closer to the Full Blood Wagyu beef, at a affordable price.

#7. Four of the other Meats in the Texas A&M Test were Beef from other Breeds of Cattle, which confirms Genetically Correct Texas Longhorn Beef is the Healthiest Beef and the Best Choice to Cross With Full Blood Wagyu to Produce the Perfect Healthy Super Beef.

#8. Of the approximately 330,000 cattle registered as Texas Longhorns today, most are the Modern Longhorn Cattle. The majority of the Modern Longhorn Cattle do not exhibit the correct physical characteristics, body weight, Healthy beef, or traditional style horns curved forward and upward for fighting like the 1st TLBAA Registered Texas Longhorn Bull, &YO Sam Houston, pictured below. Next we will show photographs of Modern, Supposed to be Texas Longhorn Bulls.

We will now show a photograph of a WR Branded Bull from the Wichita Wildlife Refuge Herd and a US Branded Bull I owned that was purchased from a US sale near Valentine Nebraska by Don Blansitt. These photographs show the Wichita Wildlife Refuge Texas Longhorn Cattle and the US Branded Cattle from the Government herd near Valentine Nebraska have remained unchanged from the description of Texas Longhorn Cattle given by Travis Marks when he was processing cattle to be registered by the TLBAA in 1964.

When you compare Genetically Correct Texas Longhorn cattle like the 2 Bulls below to the modern Longhorn Cattle it is obvious Modern Longhorn Cattle have Non Traditional Texas Longhorn Genetics in their DNA. US 8713 pictured below was the son of US 021, the largest horned cow we know of to carry the US Holding Brand. I also owned US 8713’s sister, US 471, who’s picture is on the following page. Sadie was one of the three top producing cows that ever lived on El tigal Ranch. The people who owned, used, and loved these genetically correct cattle for their survival and reproductive traits had to stop competing in shows and sales with these Modern Longhorn Cattle years ago. Fortunately a group of these people formed the CTLR and saved these original, created by Nature, Cattle from extinction for the second time.

The CTLR, like the WR & US Herds started with Genetically Correct Texas Longhorn Cattle and that is what they have today.

According to the above Beef Chart Modern Longhorn Cattle, like the beef from the four other types of cattle in the test, will not produce the same

Healthy Beef Genetically Correct Texas Longhorn Cattle Produce.

Look up Texas Longhorn cattle on the internet and you will see these Modern Type longhorn cattle.

Look up Watusi Cattle also and you will see the wedge shaped heads many of these modern longhorn cattle display with skin extended onto the base of their horns.

Once you have reviewed these modern longhorn cattle check the CTLR, Cattlemen’s Texas Longhorn Registry, website where you can see some of the last remaining Genetically Correct Texas Longhorn Cattle in America.

When the TLBAA was establishing the guidelines Texas Longhorn Cattle must be held to, in order to be registered by their Association in 1964, Travis Marks was selected to processed these cattle.

When you look at today’s Modern Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle, like the ones we have shown earlier, you can see their physical characteristics do not resemble the Guidelines for Texas Longhorn Cattle established for the TLBAA, Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America, by Travis Marks, YO Sam Houston, US 8713 or the WR Branded Bull we displayed earlier. YO Sam Houston was the first Texas Longhorn Bull registered into the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America. He and the WR Branded Texas Longhorn Bull we showed earlier look very similar.

Now you must ask Yourself what or who made these changes in the modern longhorn cattle which, at this point, should be obvious even to a Non Professional Cattle Person these Modern Cattle with big bodies and longhorns are not Genetically Correct Texas Longhorn Cattle. Look on El trigals website, Healthbeef.com, and you will see some of the best WR and US branded cattle to ever carry these Brands. We plan to A.I.

Some of our best Texas Longhorn Cows to the very best WR & US Bulls, many have been deceased for over 40 years, and trade them to CTLR Members to add some outside pure Texas Longhorn genetics to our El trigal herd and the CTLR Members Herds. Next we will demonstrate how we determined the present Value of our El trigal American Wagyu Cattle. The body conformation and meat to bone ratio of Genetically Correct Texas Longhorn Cattle, Full Blood Wagyu Cattle, and Dairy Cattle are very similar which makes it possible to calculate the marketable beef to body weight ratio of these American Wagyu Cattle before they are processed.

a. We will use the mid range Dairy Cattle conversion of Retail Cuts of Beef to the Live Weight for our Longhorn X Wagyu Yearlings.

b. As you can see in the picture of the Wagyu bull above and the Full Blood Wagyu Cow below their conformation and bone structure is very similar to dairy cattle, which indicates their beef yield to body weight will be similar also. a. We will use the Dairy Breed chart to calculate the carcass weight of El trigals American Wagyu Yearlings. Dairy Breeds of Cattle yield of 56% to 60% on the above chart.

1. We will use the 58% yield on El trigal Ranch’s 22 – 520 lb. American Wagyu Yearlings to determine their value at their present weight.

a. .58 carcass yield X the 520 lbs. Yearling =========301.6 lbs. .72 Cut & Vacuum sealed into individual bags.=== 217.15 lbs.

b. From this point you can add the prices of American Wagyu Beef and determine their approximate value.