Cooking Tips

Aging, Storing @ Cooking Tips for Texas longhorn @ Florida Cracker Cattle Beef

To retain the juicy flavor of Grass Fed Texas Longhorn or Florida Cracker Beef while bring tenderized, we use the Wet Aging Process.

Wet Aging requires the meat to be Vacuum sealed, which has several advantages over dry aging and using freezer paper to store beef in a freezer:

1. Vacuum Packaging meat prevents the nutrients in the beef and its natural juice and flavor from escaping while it is being aged and stored in a freezer.

2. Vacuum Sealing greatly extends the length of time beef and other foods can be kept in a freezer.

3. Excellent information as to the advantages of Wet Aging beef and how it is done can be found on the Internet.
4. (Google Knows Everything.)

Cooking Tips for Florida Cracker @ Texas Longhorn Beef. a. Texas Longhorn @ Florida Cracker Beef is much leaner than the beef of other Cattle Breeds, making it much easier to overcook:

1. Beef fat acts as an insulator which slows the cooking process, giving the Chef a broader window of time to cook steaks without over cooking them.

2. Texas Longhorn @ Florida Cracker Beef has sufficient fat to be cooked to perfection, without the need of additional fat, and remain the healthiest meat on the chart.

3. Lean Beef does not shrink much when being cooked, which is not helpful when determining if your steak is ready.

4. To Broil Lean Beef place it 3 to 4 inches from the heat and watch it closely to prevent over cooking.

5. When grilling beef, I let the charcoal burn down to a red glow and place a can of water in the center of the coals to produce steam. The steam helps prevent the beef from over drying and getting tough while cooking.

6. Sometime I soak small pieces of different types of wood in water and place them on the coals to add different flavors to the beef.